Welcome to my blog for the Waters legacy. Here are the rules I set for myself. Click “Chapters” to get started.

My founder’s name is Brooke Waters, and this is taking place within the Sims 4.

Here is what I am following:

My founder is starting with 800 Simoleons on a 40 x 50 lot in Newcrest.

The heir may switch between male and female. (i.e. the starting heir is a female, so the next must be a male.)

I am keeping it within the family. So the children must be blood born.

The heir will always be the first born of the opposite sex to the current heir.

All traits will be randomized apart from Brooke’s.

Heirs do not have to stay on the same property, but if they move, it has to be to a open lot in Newcrest only. (No house)

This is a legacy challenge, but it is written like a story. Therefore, the story comes before the challenge, and if I need to, I will keep the best interests of the story in mind before the challenge. Hope you guys enjoy!


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